Artist In Residence is a program by the Riverside School during which an artist is invited for helping and improving the student’s skills. It is a journey of learning during which the students come up with a performance in which the students themselves take care of all the props, costumes, music, acting, script, documentation, etc. Artist In Residence also emphasizes on the ‘Wind Beneath the Wings’ by allowing children to see the importance of each committee rather than just the acting. This year in 2009 we are calling Tom Alter as our artist for the Artist In Residence of Key Stage 3 (Grades 8 and 9).

"Artist in Residence"

Tom Alter, our artist in residence, directing the "Fragments" production team


7 responses to “About

  1. The blog is well-done! I really like the way the happenings of the day are uploaded!

    Good work!

  2. The blog seems to be well prepared. The website has given you many features.

    Well done.

  3. Great job people we are going to have another succsessfull A.I.R even this time!

  4. We’ve HOPEFULLY learnt time management through this… We’re coming up with such a good production in such less time!!!

  5. Hey guys,
    The bloggers which includes me have done a lot of work and the blog is looking good. AIR has just 2 days to go. Lets show our capabilities.

    Good job Everybody!!

  6. Good to see everyone enthusiastically blog watching 🙂
    Could we have the schoolriverside link added to the site please, so people can go back and forth between the two sites?

  7. Guys nice job!!! We did a great job and we will win the competition in Baroda!!!

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