Report From Each Committee: November 16

What the Script Committee Did: The Script Committee read out the script to give an idea to everyone about what the performance’s message and emotion is. Then they had a talk with each committee to explain what is required from them.

What The Acting Committee Did: Acting Committee worked on the behaviour of the characters, actions and had a run through of the play.

What The Props and Costumes Committee Did: The Props and Costumes Committee worked on the Costumes, found out how many are already available, fixed a budget, and a list of items needed for the costumes/props not available at our homes.

What The Sponsorship Committee Did: The Sponsorship Committee went to Half Ticket, Cooking Culture, St. Lauren, and The Golden Time for presenting. No sponsorship from these.

What The Documentation and Technology Committee Did: The documentation and Technology Committee documented each group’s process till now. They took photogrpahs, videos and notes of each committee’s progress and journey.

What The Music Committee Did: The Music Committee started the search for themes for the characters, and started appreciating a new form of music- classical.



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