Report From Each Committee: November 17

What The Acting Committee Did: Acting Committee practised their play.

What The Documentation and Technology Committee Did: Documentation and Technology Committee documented the whole process, and sorted the photographs and cleared the space in the camera for more photographs.

What The Script Committee Did: The Script Committee read out the script to Kiran ma’am, and she suggested some changes in the script. The dialogues were simplified, elaborated and slightly changed.

What The Props and Costumes Committee Did: The Props and Costumes Committee got some of the props and costumes, and have already sorted them. They also have called Neha Bhatt (Ishan’s Mother) as an expert to help them with some props and KB Dress Waala for renting some costumes.

What The Sponsorship Committee Did: The Sponsorship Committee went to Shrinath Travels, Jade Blue, Cooking Culture and Half Ticket for Sponsorship.

What The Music Committee Did: The Music Committee learnt how to use Premier Pro and used it to create sounds like Bomb Blast and Recess.


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