Reflections upon the events of the 19/11

AIR – Reflections 19/11/09 – Kartikeya Gouthi Today had been a busy day. I reached school at around 2:30 pm and after about three quarters of an hour Tom sir came and had a talk with Keystage 3. We discussed the entries and exits of all the actors, the music and the timings. He explained to each committee their roles and responsibility for the rehearsals and the final day. After the talk there was a general scattering and students were all around doing their work. The senior committee was everywhere, sometimes helping with props, sometimes with documentation and once or twice I and Arjun were playing with the gun. Every committee also had to fill speech bubbles for the documentation committee, so that they could put up their charts for each committee. The speech bubbles had to be filled by one general comment, learning and struggle. We also had to share one Oho and a couple of Aha moments. Our general comment to be out with the photograph of the whole senior team: ‘What the hell? There is so much work to do and these people just keep asking us to pose for photographs. There is a whole production to manage’ – Senior Team. After dinner I helped the documentation team design a couple of charts. They had more evidences then space so I helped them put the evidences in a way that uses less space and is more attractive. Finally we saw a rough run through of the play so that the lights could be fixed. This was the last thing that we did or the day. By the time we left it was pat 10:00 pm.


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