Senior Team

The Senior Team is responsible for managing the whole process of organizing Artist in Residence. Like the data bus in a computer, Senior Team helps the committees communicate and co-ordinate with each other and the teachers, by acting as a bridge to span the gap.

"Artist In ResidenceThe Senior Team!


The Senior team is also responsible for communicating to parents, leading the committees in the right direction and ensure the updating of the blog. This team consists of four members- Simran Shah, Nancy Patel, Kartikeya Gouthi and Amogh Dayal.

Script Committee

Those funny words, emotional one-liners and inspirational speeches. Without these, actors have nothing to do! Even great actors like Orlando Bloom, Shahrukh Khan and Brad Pitt have to follow the script. Script committee is truly the backbone of the acting actors do and have the power to move the audiences with wonderful dialogues which touch the hearts.

"Artist In Residence"Script Committee working in the Key Stage 3 library


Documentation and Technology Committee

The lights and sound effects that can steal your attention are truly magnificent. Sounds can also develop moods to allow the viewers to feel the environment, and emotions. Without these, a play wouldn’t be at the glory it can achieve. The Technology Committee Takes care of that part to allow entertainment at it’s best.

"Artist In Residence"Documentation and Technology Committee!


Sponsorship Committee

We know not everything comes for free. Most of them always have a fee. Sponsorship Committee take cares of the fee part by finding sponsors, and having win-win deals with them. Sponsorship committee is the reason we can present dazzling props, glamorous costumes and enchanting lights and sounds.

"Artist In Residence"Sponsorship Committee waiting for their appointment with the sponsor


Music Committee

Music, so sweet to the ear. But, will a play be sweet enough without music? Or will any music do the job like any other? Well, we can’t have any music for a mood, so we have the Music Committee to decide the theme and music for each scene. Music committee can be related to the sweetener, without it, the cake won’t taste good.

"Artist In Residence"Music Committee learning to work on the theme music using Premier Pro

Costumes and Props:

How can we ever forget The Lion King musical, all those costumes and props. Would it have been as successful without those glamorous costumes? Well, the costume and prop committee take cares of that and of the first impression on the character’s personality through costumes. The props too help people connect to what’s where and what is going to happen because of it.

"Artist In Residence"The Costumes and Props Committee discussing the props for each scene chronologically

The Bloggers

Well, without this blog you wouldn’t be watching all of this! Blogs help us communicate with the world, and get feedback from them. The Bloggers definitely need to be appreciated for their efforts, and for helping you see this blog!

"Artist In Residence"Bloggers learning to upload the Artist In Residence updates on the blog

Acting Committee

Acting Committee, a committee full of emotions, drama and expressions. Actors are indeed essential for the play, and act as the First Impression of any play. This committee is the wing which soars like an eagle with the help of the winds. This committee’s effect can be easily used to recognise the effort put in by the various committees.
"Artist In Residence"

Actors watching other actors play their assigned role


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  1. All the best ‘ Actors’ !

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