November 15, 2009

Today’s day was probably the best day for us. We worked very hard today and all of it was worth it. Out of the four hours we worked, Tom Sir was only there in the beginning to give us the feel of the story. After that, we did all the work ourselves with Tom Sir seeing us at regular intervals. After we got to know what was required and how could that be expressed, writing the dialogues was not very difficult.

Methodically, we went step-by-step to finish each scene. We didn’t divide the work but we collaborated on a single scene to get it done faster. It was a great combination of work and play. It was necessary for us to understand each character and write accordingly. This play was not to be very long and fancy so we had to choose the right words that could express the emotion with accuracy, but would not hinder the meaning of it.

We used the skills of summarizing and editing. Summarizing was used in grabbing the gist of a long dialogue and making it a short and crisp one. And during work, we removed several parts to make it crisp but we balanced it by doing the same thing through display of actions, emotions and expressions. We genuinely hoped that our script would do well, and it did!

Now that the actual writing is done, we need to spend time with each committee to let them know our expectations and to make sure that the tone of it matches to that of the words on the script. We need to work with almost all committees including music [for recording], dance [for Zara’s story] and light and sound [for specific lights so that they display the right emotion]. This may seem it, but we still have a lot ofwork piled in. –Vidhatri Rathi

November 16, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today was the first day when my committee, Music, got some work to do. The music was dependant on the script, so the script got finalized only yesterday (Sunday, 15th Nov.) In our previous interactions with Tom sir, we understood that he was looking for Indian classical music for the themes. So today we tried and COLLECTED all the pieces of music, heard them and noted down the ones we liked. I got to appreciate another kind of music (classical). Our whole day went in doing that and we didn’t get much time to start editing and merging the pieces. But overall, on the first day we have made a good amount of progress… Let’s see what tomorrow has in store for me… – Preet Shah

November 17, 2009

Dear Diary,

After collecting all the pieces yesterday, we now COLLATED all of them by finally narrowing down to the pieces needed. We also got the sound effects like – bomb explosion, children shouting, and footsteps of children. We needed some recordings of teachers, and students speaking, so we recorded that. We learnt it only after Alistair helped us. I, personally, had a lot of fun hearing different people speak and then by adding weird effects to it. In order to merge all pieces, I learnt a new software – Adobe Premiere Pro form Tushnaa ma’am, who is one of our mentors. I understood that it takes so much time to make even a small piece of music. To make a 15 sec. piece, it took us more than 2 hours!! My patience was also tested… Unfortunately, we couldn’t work on Zasha’s and Sachin’s theme – Preet Shah 😉

Day 3 in the eyes of Acting Committee:

Today we did a run through of the whole play twice, so that we could correct our mistakes and work according to our potential. We did some exercises to improve our voice projection, with Abhishek sir. We learned that when you talk you have to talk from your stomach and when you talk in a loud voice, you do not necessarily have to shout. Today our performance was much better, in the sense that people were much more serious, had memorized their dialouges and understood their character much better.Naren Desai

Tom Alter going over the script with the students

“What the hell? There is so much work to do…”

November 18, 2009

Today had been a busy day. I reached school at around 2:30 pm and after about three quarters of an hour Tom sir came and had a talk with Key Stage 3. We discussed the entries and exits of all the actors, the music and the timings. He explained to each committee their roles and responsibility for the rehearsals and the final day.

After the talk there was a general scattering and students were all around doing their work. The senior committee was everywhere, sometimes helping with props, sometimes with documentation and once or twice I and Arjun were playing with the gun.

Every committee also had to fill speech bubbles for the documentation committee, so that they could put up their charts for each committee. The speech bubbles had to be filled by one general comment, learning and struggle. We also had to share one Oho and a couple of Aha moments.

Our general comment to be out with the photograph of the whole senior team: ‘What the hell? There is so much work to do and these people just keep asking us to pose for photographs. There is a whole production to manage’ – Senior Team.

After dinner I helped the documentation team design a couple of charts. They had more evidences then space so I helped them put the evidences in a way that uses less space and is more attractive.
Finally we saw a rough run through of the play so that the lights could be fixed. This was the last thing that we did or the day. By the time we left it was past 10:00 pm. –Kartikeya Gouthi


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